In Clifton’s  book The Coming Jobs War, he makes the bold claim that political and business leaders pay far too much attention to innovation and far too little to cultivating talented entrepreneurs. “They’ve got it backward… to create jobs, leaders must understand that great, thriving business people matter far more than great ideas, which are a dime a dozen.

When he was a garbage collection manager, he decided to build his own trash collecting business. That was a bad idea because the world didn’t need another trash collection company. Trash gets picked up pretty well. But nevertheless, he built his own trash collection business. And he turned it into a great multi-billion dollar worldwide organization, a Fortune 500 company, and a leader in environmental sustainability that was profitable and valuable to its customers, a great place to work, and an international powerhouse. You have heard of it: Waste Management, Inc.

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by Jim Clifton
Excerpted from The Coming Jobs War